What is FosterVision? 

FosterVision is a data analytics tool that  brings together data from several different sources. The FosterVision platform allows staff responsible for Foster Youth the ability to easily access and monitor important  student data, to better support these students. FosterVision data is a combination of student academic data from the SCCOE Data Warehouse and data extracts from Juvenile Probation Department and Department of Children & Family Services. The data included is outlined in Chapter 1 of this User Guide.

How does FosterVision Work?

  1. Source Systems: FosterVision relies on several source systems for data. The student education data is available via a district’s Student Information System (SIS).  Student data available from the SIS includes Demographics, Attendance, Discipline, Academics, and Immunization data. Additionally, secure data file transfers from the Juvenile Probation Department (JPD) and Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) provide juvenile court and probation records. 

  2. Extract → Transform → Load (ETL Process): The data is extracted from JPD, DFCS and SCCOE, transformed to fit the data structures and loaded in the FosterVision server. This happens on a nightly basis for SIS connections and JPD files, and two times a week for DFCS files.

  3. Data Structure: Based upon these inputs, the FosterVision server houses a comprehensive data set on Foster and Juvenile Justice-involved students. The student data is written over each night, meaning no historical data is stored on the FosterVision server regarding student case records.

  4. Visualizations & Profiles: Foster Youth data is available in an easy-to-read format (referred to here as one or more “dashboards”). Student information is available in a comprehensive Student Profile which includes detailed demographic and contact information as well as Placement, Education and Immunization histories.

  5. Security: FosterVision data is securely stored and protected. Only authorized individuals have access to it. The application is only accessible to the FosterVision liaison and personnel that the district authorizes. In addition, DFCS social workers, JPD probation officers, SCCOE education managers and the FosterVision coordinator have access.